Julia McKellar is a mixed media artist and designer exploring the ways we use and engage with technology.

Her work aims to engage people to consider mindful and inclusive futures for new technologies. Taking the form of interactive video installations, AR/VR, public interventions, and more, her work mixes new media with interactivity. 

Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally, at places such as Merchants of Reality, Buinho Creative Hub, SFZF, and the Frank Mohr Institute. She continually seeks new learning experiences through connection, creation, and speculation.


Development Week
Enschede, The Netherlands, 2022
Synthetic Media
Baltan Labs
Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2020
Clash Festival
Groningen, The Netherlands, 2020
Frank Mohr Institute
Groningen, The Netherlands, 2020
Frank Mohr Institute
Groningen, The Netherlands, 2019-2020
Buinho Exhibition
Buinho Creative Lab
Messejana, Portugal, 2019
Blood Red Cake
Merchants of Reality
curated by Air Feller
San Francisco, CA, 2017
curated by Katya Bitar,
San Francisco, CA, 2016
SF Zine Fest
San Francisco, CA 2016

Some things I’m working on…