Year On is an experiential gap year program for high school graduates looking to build confidence, clarity, and direction for their next steps in life. The company had gone through a rebrand and needed help with UX, web design, and graphic design. My role was to help establish the brand and craft an identity that would resonate with the company’s target audience of students and parents.

Below are a collection of projects that I worked on to help establish Year On’s brand and attract students to the program.

Web Design and UX

Year On’s web design project consisted of a number of different parts, but the two most important involved improving the accessibility of information and the user experience for students who were applying to the program.

Year On needed a website that provided information to both student and parents. When I joined, the company’s website architecture made it difficult for students and parents to understand the different elements of the program.

After conducting user research with students, I was able to gather information on how students navigated through the process of applying for a gap year. I took this information and created a series of wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that would improve the online application process and improve the accessibility of information on the website.

Graphic Design

In addition to web and UX design, the company also needed help designing blog graphics, online display ads, flyers, downloadable pamphlets, and emails.

Blog Graphics

Downloadable Content Guides