Totem Buildings is a SaaS company that helps building owners manage the security and risk of their OT (operation technology) devices. The company needed help designing new feature sets and expanding their product across both web and mobile.

My Role & Projects

I was the lead product designer working with two designers, five engineers, and a product manager. Some of my projects included:

  • Working with the team to brainstorm features to address customer pain points. Wireframing concepts and turning them into interactive prototypes for the team to experience and test.
  • Helping with the transition of a web feature onto mobile. I designed and prototyped of Totem’s first mobile product.
  • Migrating Totem’s entire design library from Sketch to Figma.
  • Establishing a consistent design system within Figma.
  • Improving the design-to-developer handoff process.

A few examples of the mobile designs that were created.

Below are a few examples of how we organized our Figma templates and design system.